As a community, and as individuals, we keep in our minds and hearts those who are in need of healing and good health. We think of them as we sing Mi Shebeirach together in shul each week during our Shabbat services.

As is our custom now, while we don’t announce names out loud, we do think of our loved ones and friends for whom our prayers and good wishes are so meaningful.


Take our Purim challenge and fulfill the five mitzvot of the holiday. 

Megillah: Tell the story of Purim in one sentence

Al HaNisim: Say thank you to someone to whom you don't usually give thanks

Matanot Le'evyonim: Donate something you own 

Mishloach Manot: Send a thinking of you card or a basket of food to someone 

From the Tech Team who brought you Yamim Nora'im vidoes like Hinei Mah Tov, we're back with new ways to share!

Participate in the live chat and join us afterwards for Kiddush.

Light a Candle: Grab a glow-stick or a candle, and sing along! Low light is good for this one. You’ll be joining in the English part only. MUSIC | WORDS

Access our Siddur here.

Dear ACI Congregants and Friends,

In light of the ongoing and ever-changing situation regarding COVID-19 -- which we have been monitoring and evaluating through a variety of official briefings, conference calls, and discussions -- we wish to provide you with updated information regarding ACI services, events, and MASKIT.

SHABBAT SERVICES: Shabbat services will be held as usual this Shabbat morning beginning at 9:30am, with the following advisos:

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Dear Congregants and Friends of ACI,

We are pleased to announce that the honorees of our 2019 Anniversary Journal are:

Iris Apfel, Sydelle Diner, Stephanie Luxenberg, and Irene Sprung.

To all members and friends of ACI,

As everyone responded so magnificently last year, once again this year ACI's Kol Nidrei appeal is a targetted fund-raising with the goal of raising $18,000.  The Kol Nidrei appeal runs from now, through the conclusion of our beautiful autumn Jewish holidays.  The funds raised, up to the $18,000, will be so generously matched dollar-for-dollar by our Co-President Cynthia Groopman.

This targeted goal will help to raise much-needed funds - andis a realistic goal, if all of our members and friends participate in this important drive.