ACI Journal Announcement

Dear Congregants and Friends,

We are pleased and proud to announce that the honoree for the 2017 ACI Journal is SKYEP (ACI's Hebrew School program).  In honoring SKYEP (Synagogue Kids and Youth Education Program), we will be recognizing and celebrating the several components of the Program, and its evolution and growth since its inception in 2009.

We will honor and celebrate: 

  • ACI's Synagogue Kids and Youth Education Program -- consisting of the Post Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program; the Bar/Bat Mitzvah program; Upper School; Lower School; Junior Congregation; and Tot Shabbat
  • Rabbi Pearl's vision, when he arrived here 9 years ago, for creating a new ACI Youth Education Program.  Since the wonderful Hebrew School from ACI's robust earlier decades had long since closed, Rabbi Pearl felt it was imperative to draw young families and children into ACI (there were none for years).  He saw youth education as an integral part of the beginning and implementation of ACI's exciting and meaningful revival.
  • Ayelet Pearl for having accepted the sacred and challenging task of spearheading the creation of this new Youth Education Program in the Spring of 2009, and serving as its director (and a teacher) since then.  As SKYEP's first teacher, her classroom was for years a "one room school house" until growth necessitated division into the Upper and Lower Schools.
  • The teachers: 
    • o   Ayelet Pearl -- teacher of the Post Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program; the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program; and the Upper School. 
    • o   Hanna Harel - teacher of the Lower School since it was launched 3 years ago.
    • o   Ze'eva Berman -- hired this year as the new teacher of the Tot Shabbat Program and the leader of our new Junior Congregation Program.  
    • Former teachers: Josie Freeman Dershowitz (first Tot Shabbat leader, when it began in 2010, through Spring 2012); Cara Bernstein (Tot Shabbat, 2012-13); Lisa Goldberg (Tot Shabbat 2013-16); Leah Markowitz (younger kids, Spring 2009) 
    • SKYEP Chair (since 2014): Aryeh Gershon  
    • Parent Coordinators: Eric Black, Elysa Blumenthal, Stephanie Luxenberg, Rosalie Malone, Irene Sprung, Litza Stark, Dayvin Sterling
    • Early SKYEP Committee (2009-2013): Sydelle Diner, Cynthia Groopman, Judith Schloss Markowitz, Judy Pearl
    • The Rabbi Goldberg Education Fund, which helps with student scholarships and other funding for the sustenance and growth of SKYEP.  Fund Administrators: Sydelle Diner (Chair), Susan Cohn, Murray Lambert, Andrea Pack, Roberta Saltzman (z"l)
    • The parents of the children in SKYEP
    • and the inspiring success, growth, and expansion of SKYEP, for the good of the shul, the children and their families, the Jewish community, and Jewish life.

For those of us who knew ACI in its earlier heyday, it is exhilarating to see it come back to life after a period of dormancy.  Thanks to the leadership of Rabbi Jonathan Pearl and his family, our congregation has been infused with excitement and spirit.  Just come on Shabbat and see the children enlivening the closing prayers of our services. We are delighted to hear them raise their voices. We remember the Chapel being filled with youngsters long ago - and now, we are seeing this once again.

The Journal is our biggest fundraiser of the year.  It helps us maintain our historic building, keep our excellent clergy and staff, and plan for the continuation of our exciting programs, including our wonderful SKYEP Program.  Our Journal campaign can't succeed without your help in soliciting ads from grandparents and other relatives, storekeepers, professionals, colleagues, and friends.  Last year we had the most successful Journal in our history.  Let us try, this year, to surpass that achievement.  Time is short.  We are off to a bit of a late start. But with your help, WE CAN GET THE JOB DONE!!! 

The deadline for Journal ads is May 8th! Please click here for a Journal Ad Form. 

Please join us for our annual Journal Service, on Friday evening, June 16th, at 7:30 pm.  Attend the festive kiddush that will follow the service, and receive your copy of the Journal. 

We look forward to seeing you.                          

With thanks and all best wishes,

Sydelle Diner and Susan Cohn

Co-Chairs, 2017 ACI Journal