Ba'alat Mitzvah Class Now Open

A new Ba'alat Mitzvah Class for women who did not have a bat mitzvah as a youngster or who want to maturely deepen their relationship with mitzvah is tentatively being formed.  Students participate in a fascinating course of study with the Rabbi, meeting every other week for about an hour, following Shabbat services (there is "no homework"!).  Sessions continue until late Spring 2017, when there will be a "Ba'alat Mitzvahceremony" at Shabbat services for the 'graduates'. 

Already a dozen ACI women have participated in this exciting learning and life journey!  Two classes of women have completed this program, culminating in beautiful ceremonies, since it was initiated by Rabbi Pearl.  If you are interested in this special experience of learning, spirituality and meaning - or have any questions about it - please contact Rabbi Pearl or the ACI office.