Instructions for Light A Candle

Light a Candle: Grab a glow-stick or a candle, and sing along! Low light is good for this one. You’ll be joining in the English part only. MUSIC | WORDS

What you’ll need: You’ll need two devices. One to play the prerecorded guide music (linked below) through earbuds or headphones, and one to record yourself singing. You’ll sing and record while you’re listening to the prerecorded version in your earphones. That’s how we’ll sync everyone up, so it will seem like we’re all singing together! 

What you’ll do: Download the music, pull up the words, and practice a couple of times. Once you’ve got it, play the music on your listening device and record yourself singing along. Make sure you are using earphones to listen to the Rabbi’s music, otherwise we can’t use your audio. We’d love to have a visual, but if you prefer only audio, we’ll make it work. 

What if you can’t sing? If you’re not confident in your singing voice, no problem - we’ll be piecing together lots of voices, and we promise yours won’t stand out! We'd love your participation anyway. What if you can sing? Great. Then sing.

HOW TO SEND: Email your video to, or upload it here