MASKIT: Youth Education Program at Astoria Center of Israel

We are excited to announce the renaming of our youth education program in order to better encompass and articulate the Jewish program and values we teach and uphold.

Rabbi Pearl conceived the name “MASKIT” (pronounced ‘Mah-skeet’ – the Hebrew word for ‘mosaic’) for our youth education program, which represents the guidance we provide to each child from the early years of synagogue school through the teen years of post-bar/bat mitzvah Jewish life.  

This program’s unique name carries with it three special meanings. First, the view of Judaism as a mosaic: the myriad, multi-faceted, and far-reaching components of Judaism which, when pieced together, form a picture – a mosaic – of great magnificence.  Additionally, the word Mosaic plays off a suggested connection to the Biblical Moses, a pivotal figure in the origins and development of our people and heritage.  And finally, the spelling of MASKIT (in both English and Hebrew) is an acronym for the six elements of the program, which together constitute a solid basis for Jewish life. 

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