Virtual Shabbat: Add Your Voice

From the Tech Team who brought you Yamim Nora'im vidoes like Hinei Mah Tov, we're back with new ways to share!


Sing the chorus of Halleluyah to Leonard Cohen's classic melody. Using headphones, listen along to this audio, and video + record yourself singing along with the chorus. The chorus happens 3 times. You don't need to have a good voice! We want to capture the spirit of our kehilah. Submit here.


Tell us about your favorite Thanksgiving food or recipe in 25 seconds or less. Submit a longer video to share on our website to teach us how to make it! Submit here.


Recite one bracha (blessing) from Birchot HaShachar (the dawn prayers), for MASKIT families. Click here to learn your bracha, and click here to submit


If you sing or play an instrument and want to get more involved, let us know!