We're in the news! Read about the 90th anniversary here, and check out the interview with Ayelet Pear, curator of the 90th Exhibition, here.

Yom Mem v'Mem (Commonly known in the Diaspora as M&M Day):

In 5777, begins 14 of Tishrei at sunset (this year, 16 October). Generally begins on 11 of Tishrei (this year, 13 October). It is the most complicated holiday on the Jewish calendar, due the myriad of days on which it cannot fall. 

Astoria Center of Israel is excited to announce the start of our brand-new Junior Congregation service beginning on Shabbat, October 1, 2016.  This program will be led by Ze’eva Berman, an engaging and experienced teacher with strong Judaic and music backgrounds.  We know she will make a wonderful addition to our outstanding education staff.

Welcome back! I pray that all had the opportunity to relax and recharge a bit over the summer. 

As we get back to work, hopefully at least somewhat refreshed, it is worthwhile noting that this September is anomalous in that is contains no Jewish holidays. But this is not to say that September is devoid of Jewish content – and significant Jewish content at that.

Continue reading the Rabbi's message here.

ACI has a lower school that is designed for children in grades K-3 that meets once a week from 3:30-5:30. Our dynamic and engaging teacher, Mora Hanna, prepares stimulating lessons that blend arts and music with learning Hebrew and Jewish traditions. Most of the students who have just completed their second year at the lower school have known each other since they were toddlers in Tot Shabbat.

The 90th Journal Service was a spectacular evening. Read more about it in the Queens Gazette (page 1, page 2). The exhibition, featuring our nonagenarian honorees as well as excerpts from our archives, will be continue to be on display through the summer and fall. Viewing is by appointment only. Please call the office for more information. 

This past Sunday, we proudly marched in the Celebrate Israel Parade (and while we marched, there was no rain!).

ACI at Citifield for Mets-Celebrate-Israel (and surprise Syndegaard) night. 

We're marching in the Israel Parade - SUNDAY, JUNE 5!!

This year, ACI will have a contingent formally marching in the Celebrate Israel Parade!  There will be round-trip bus transportation from ACI to the parade.  We need to know who will be attending, to arrange the transportation, etc. Be a part of this exciting day -- having fun, and supporting Israel!  

The deadline to submit your journal ad has been extended to May 10. 

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