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Our Mission

ACI’s overarching mission is to provide a warm, supportive, and lively Jewish atmosphere in order for children to gain an awareness of Jewish life and to foster and strengthen their Jewish identity. Our goal is to instill in our students a sense of pride in their Jewish heritage and history using a progressive, pluralistic approach to Jewish literacy, and to teach the importance of Jewish ethical behaviors and values (such as social justice, charity, and tikkun olam), while building a sense of community and belonging among our students.


Our age-appropriate curriculum include the following:

  • Learning Hebrew reading and writing 
  • Understanding fundamental Jewish traditions 
  • Learning the importance and practice of Jewish values, ethical  behavior, performing mitzvot and giving charity. 
  • Learning the history of the Jewish people 
  • Understanding the concept of prayer and learning how to recite and understand the meaning of important blessings 
  • Learning about the Jewish holidays 
  • Understanding the importance and meaning of Shabbat
  • Learning and singing Hebrew songs
  • Identifying with the land of Israel and understanding its relevance

The classes will consist of activities and lessons that use music, movement, and visual art, ensuring that children can learn in ways that are engaging and fun. There will be breaks during the afternoon and light snacks  will be served. 


  • Kitah Aleph: For children ages 5 – 7 with little or no Hebrew language exposure or instruction. 
  • Kitah Bet: For children ages 7 – 9 with 1-2 years of experience with Hebrew language and Jewish concepts and traditions.
  • Kitah Gimmel: For children ages 9 – 12, geared towards students with 3 to 5 years of Hebrew language exposure. Curriculum at this level includes reading Hebrew sentences with vowels, more advanced conversational and written Hebrew, and topics of Jewish life and history.


Hebrew School will meet on Tuesday afternoons from 3:30 – 5:30 at the Astoria Center of Israel. Classes will be held on all Tuesdays when NYC public schools are in session and where there is no conflict with observed Jewish holidays.


Tuition for the 2022-2023 school year is $1,200 per child with a sibling discount of 10%. 
Tuition for ACI members is $900 per child with a sibling discount of 10%. 

Payments may be made in two installments (due October 15th and February 15th) or broken up into 8 equal installments paid on the 15th of each month from October through May.

Arrangements can be made with our office administrator Lizanne Fluxmon.

Tuition assistance is available on a limited basis. Application for tuition assistance will be updated and posted on our website shortly.


Since 2014 ACI has been partnering with Astoria Express who provides transportation from local area public schools. You can find which schools they service and arrange for transportation directly through them.

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