There is a unique spiritual opportunity during Chanukah called pirsumei nisa -“publicizing the miracle.” We are obligated during this holiday to quite literally spread awareness of the possibility of miracles.

In NYC today, deaths from opioid overdose, both opioid analgesics and heroin, are a public health crisis. But rather miraculously, each one of us has the ability to prevent overdose death. NARCAN is an opioid antagonist that can safely reverse an opioid overdose. And, in New York State, it’s legal, safe, and easy for anyone to carry and use Naloxone.

This Chanukah season, we are collaborating with 8 AMAZING hosts for Candle lighting and free NARCAN training (all in an hour!) across NYC. We will be in your neighborhood. Sign up to join us at one of them here:

Night Eight (Thursday, 12/14) | Astoria Center of Israel | 6:30-7:30pm, Astoria, 11102

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